Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bangkok New Airport ,Thailand's Suvarnabhumi

By Fred Tittle

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok New Airport

For most people coming through the new Bangkok airport for the first time, will see nothing that would be notable from any other new international airport that has been built in the last few years. Most new airports tend to be big box or tent like affairs, with little or no aesthetic appeal, and this one falls neatly into the pile of boring designs. Most of those who have been through the old Bangkok airport would prefer it to the new as it had a character all of its own. Wanting to keep the old airport is understandable as you know where everything is, like where you need to go to catch your favorite airline, as well as where and what the procedure is for getting your luggage, and the fastest way to get through customs and catch a taxi home, or to your favorite Bangkok Hotel, if you are a returning businessman or Thailand tourist.

If people have a problem with the new Bangkok airport it would be with the way that they have the taxi stand set up. In the past, you went out through the doors on the end of the customs area, past the money changers, then the limos, and out the doors and into the cue for a taxi. You would tell the expediters where you want to go to, and away you went, it was a very smooth and efficient process. The taxi stand at the new airport is downstairs and it is not marked, so the first time that you come through, you have to figure out that the price to get to town has not risen overnight to 800 baht, but that you are at the charter taxi stands, which are mainly there to fleece unsuspecting tourist I suspect. So, if you are reading this and you are going to be coming into Bangkok for the first time to the new airport, make note that you need to go down one level to catch the meter taxis from the baggage claims. When in Thailand always insist on the meter.

The good news is like a few of the best international cities in the world like Singapore, Chicago and San Francisco You will be able to get a mass transit train directly to the airport, this is suppose to happen soon and you can see the progress on your way into Bangkok as they extend the BTS line out. When this project is finished you will have access to the whole city, and you can get there quick regardless of the hour. On the last two trips from the airport to town, the fare all together was around 350 baht with the tolls and the airport taxi tax, a increase of 100 baht approximately, the time to a hotel on Suhkumvitt was just about the same, even though the distance increased.. If you are coming from or to Pattaya your travel time should decrease especially during the busy travel periods.

Fred Tittle has lived in holiday vacation resorts his entire life, from the famous Lake Geneva Playboy Club , Aspen Colorado where he was a rock jock for KSPN FM, Hawaii Scuba Diving in Waikiki on Oahu and now as a owner of EcoSea Dive in Sihanoukville Cambodia where he teaches PADI and SSI Scuba Diving and runs adventure tours,

Fred's 2 new projects where he reviews cheap hotels & budget guesthouses but really is an excuse to go on vacation more with his lawyers and where he gives up the free advise he gets on vacation.

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Rakesh said...

Bangkok is beautiful destinations in the world. It looks like heaven on the earth. I love Bangkok.

Rakesh said...

Bangkok is beautiful destinations in the world. It looks like heaven on the earth. I love Bangkok.
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TheTravelAngel said...

You won't miss it. Accommodation is relatively easy to come across in this area of town - just try to make sure that you get there at a decent time of day, preferably before sundown.

:-) John

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